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I accept the Terms and Conditions Agreement. In addition to filling out the form, the firm or corporation must accept the agreement for credit voucher charge. This Form must also indicate a list of names of authorized personnel who are allowed to place job orders. The above firm assumes all financial obligations and guarantees payment with regard to incurred charges on all vouchers for jobs ordered by authorized personnel. Cancellation can be made 2 hours prior to the booking time. No-shows will be charged full price. In case of a conflict between the advertised price and/or the quoted price and/or the voucher price, the voucher price will prevail and the above firm is obligated to pay the full fare as stated on the voucher. It is the passengers' responsibility to collect a copy of the voucher directly from the driver by the end of the ride. Payment in full is due upon invoice receipt. If no payment is received upon receipt, the amount due will automatically be charged on the back-up credit card. I hereby authorize Fly Limousine Services to use the following credit card to back up this voucher account in case payment was not received by the due date. Fly Limousine Services reserves the right to refuse service to accounts who are in arrears. The above company agrees to reimburse Fly limousine Services for all legal fees and other expenses in regards to collecting outstanding invoices of this account.

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