What does chauffeured service include?

There is sometimes confusion about what chauffeured service includes overall, and the answer involves some customization as well as different options. Determining what you are looking for can set precisely what is included, though some parts of chauffeured service are built in from the beginning.

The Vehicle

Naturally, one part of what you get with your chauffeuring is the vehicle itself. When you book it to arrive at your pickup location, it will unless there are unusual circumstances that end up getting in the way. The vehicle, which shall be clean, comfortable and available to transport you around for the duration of time you have booked it for, is an implied part of the trip and should be in top condition. This also extends to the vehicle being in excellent service, with a quiet engine, a smooth ride and no mechanical issues that would be likely to distract you from simply enjoying the trip. If anything is broken, the vehicle should have been inspected beforehand by the company and a replacement vehicle should have been sent to you so you would never know of there being any kinds of problems on the back end.


There are some limousine rental companies that charge for mileage, but most do not because it is implied that the vehicle can only travel so far in a normal hour. Once your appointment begins, you get access to the vehicle’s ability to take you virtually anywhere it can for the duration of your appointed time. While some companies and some drivers will feel more comfortable having a planned route, part of the fun of having the use of chauffeured service is the spontaneity of being able to say, “Take us here” because it suddenly sounds like a lot of fun.


One part of chauffeured service that you can always count on is that simplicity will be provided. While the term “simplicity” may sound overly general, there should always be the sense that you do not need to be in direct control of the vehicle or the situation because the driver has good sense. You do not need to plan the course because the driver knows the area, and you do not need to be concerned about safety because the driver is a well trained professional who is always under direction to make safe choices.


The driver is a professional and was selected by the limousine company because they have a friendly personality by default. You should always expect that your driver is going to be a friendly and courteous person who will speak and act nicely toward you and your friends. This conscientiousness also includes scheduling your pickup time and being prompt for it, if not early. You should never have to ignore something rude or discourteous that your driver does, because they should never be doing such things in the first place.

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