wedding limousine

Attention all lovebirds! We’re thrilled to be in the midst of prime wedding season, spanning from May to September. As Fly Limousine Services, we have had the pleasure of accompanying numerous wedding celebrations during this bustling period. With our experience chauffeuring countless brides, grooms, and wedding parties, we couldn’t resist sharing some priceless advice on how to guarantee a flawless journey with our esteemed Fly Limousine Services. Brace yourselves for an extraordinary wedding day with these invaluable tips!

Allow Ample Time And Stay Informed
Planning and preparation are crucial for a flawless wedding day, especially when it comes to arranging your wedding transportation through Fly Limousine Services! Remember to schedule an extra 30 minutes for your routes to ensure a stress-free experience. Even if it turns out unnecessary, it gives you the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the moment. Stay updated on local events happening on your special day as they can affect travel time for both you and your wedding guests. Unexpected parades, festivals, marches, or concerts can have a significant impact, so staying informed is key.

Familiarize Yourself With The Route
Are you in the midst of arranging transportation for your wedding day? Although our professional drivers are equipped with advanced navigation systems, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the routes connecting your wedding venue, photo shoot location, and reception venue beforehand. Relying solely on technology can be unpredictable, and the last thing you want is to get lost on this significant day. By providing our car service with the addresses and schedules of all your wedding day destinations, you can ensure that our driver is well-prepared and organized to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Capture Memorable Moments With Your Photographer
When it comes to documenting your special day, have you considered adding an extra touch of elegance to your wedding photos and videos? While your hired photographer and videographer will likely have their own transportation, it’s worth contemplating whether you’d like to incorporate your journeys into the visual memories. Imagine the enchanting shots of you and your partner riding in a luxurious limousine or car, or the joyous moments with your entire wedding party on board. For those seeking an intimate experience, a private moment in a limo can be truly special. To ensure everyone is aligned – the bride, groom, photographer, videographer, and wedding party – it’s crucial to plan ahead and discuss this option in advance. Make your wedding day even more remarkable by choosing to travel in style.

Coordinate Transportation For Your Wedding Party
Don’t let transportation mishaps mar your special day. When booking your wedding transportation through Fly Limousine Services, take the time to consider how your bridal party will travel between venues, especially if they intend to enjoy a few drinks. Whether they opt for independent transportation, join you in the luxurious limo, or require a separate Sprinter van, make sure to communicate all the transportation arrangements well in advance. Avoid any confusion or delays by keeping your wedding party informed about the transportation details.

Indulge In Refreshments And Melodies
Elevate your wedding day experience with added indulgences that will truly make it extraordinary. Imagine sipping on complimentary bubbly, savoring exquisite treats, and grooving to your favorite tunes while riding in sheer luxury. At Fly Limousine Services, we understand your desire for these enhancements, and our devoted team is here to make it happen. Let us know your preferences, right from the champagne selection to every tiny detail. Just remember to request these special amenities when booking your limo service, as they are not included by default.

Secure Your Reservation In Advance
Avoiding a common error can save couples from unnecessary stress and financial strain. Failing to prearrange transportation can result in last-minute chaos, excessive expenses, or even the unavailability of a vehicle altogether. Especially during popular periods like prom season, finding an open slot might be arduous. To ensure a smooth experience, we advise reserving your preferred limo or car from Fly Limousine Services at least six months prior to your big day.