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Why choose to open a corporate account ?

  • Speed up your employees travel time.
  • Special discount rates on the approved tariff.
  • Reliable priority service.
  • Monthly billing for your convenience.
  • Provides peace of mind to your clients.

Flexible Booking

to Save You Time

As a venture committed to our customer’s priorities, we at Fly Limousine maintain a flexible booking system. Whether you need a ride today, tomorrow or next month, you can easily book a limo ride through email or the phone. Our services ensure that you do not need to compromise with your schedule to enjoy a comfy ride.

Safety and Privacy

are our Priority

At Fly Limousine, we take especial care to ensure the safety and security of our customers is not compromised with. Our chauffeurs are fully licensed, insured and adequately trained to effectively combat inconveniences, if any. Additionally, we go the extra mile to make sure your private data are in safe custody with us.


is our Ethics

We share your firm conviction that communication with customers must be clear and direct. Our monetary transactions setup is thoroughly guarded. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our commercial rapport is founded on transparency. With e-receipts and payment info at your disposal, we make sure the exchanges are convenient for both parties.

Guaranteed Car Reliability

At Fly Limousine, we maintain strict adherence to customer schedules. Our chauffeurs have been efficiently trained in accordance with the diverse range of customer requirements. With Fly Limousine, you are sure to find your limo at your disposal on time!

Flexible Customer Service

Our customer care service operates round the clock. We are here to address any issues, inconveniences or doubts at any time of the day.

Airport Rides with Tracking Benefits

For your peace of mind, we at Fly Limousine ensure your airport rides are hassle-free. Whether you are early or late, we make it a point to adjust your pickup time to ensure you have your ride ready and waiting for you.